The bacteria Gram+ (Clostridium) and Gram- (Salmonella and E.coli) cause diarrhoea, low productive performance and different diseases in animals that can cause the death of these, therefore, from our company we have developed a powerful antibacterial based on a synergist combination of formic and propionic acids and their different calcium, sodium and ammonium salts.

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  • Attack against Gram+ bacteria. Propionic acid and its salts are very effective in attacking and penetrating the cell walls of Gram+ bacteria, achieving neutralization
  • Attack against Gram- bacteria. These bacteria, due to their cell structure, are more resistant to the attacks of propionic acid, which is why Bactertec uses a smaller molecule acid, such as formic acid, which penetrates through the lipid structure of the bacteria previously damaged by propionic acid, neutralizing Gram- bacteria
  • Control of Gram+ and Gram- Enterobacteria
  • Bactertec and its combination of propionic and formic acids and the salts of both act by controlling the growth of Gram+ and Gram- bacteria without damaging the lactic flora
  • Metabolic action
  • Bactertec provides an acidity in the digestive tract of the animal, protecting the small intestine in enteropathogens improving the productive performance
  • Acidifying action
  • Especially important in young animals, for example freshly housed broiler chickens, where feed intake is low and gastric acid secretion is not fully developed, Bactertec reinforces the protection of gastric acid
Target speciesAll species
PresentationPowder and liquid
PropertiesFighting against Enterobacteria