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Tecnoaditivos bet for
an antibiotic-free

Today's society walks in the pursuit of sustainable development and this requires a world free of antibiotics in both human health and animal health.

From TEA we join this trend with the development of products that work as alternatives to antiobiotics in livestock.

Our products are the synergist combination of two working philosophies:


Manufacture of calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium salts of organic fatty acids such as propionic, butyric, formic, malic, fumaric, citric acids... These salts act as natural growth promoters improving intestinal health and acting on the immune system of the animal activating and improving its defenses, and getting a healthier and stronger animal.


Development of natural solutions, such as natural extracts and distillations of essential oils from plants with medicinal properties for different animals.

The most important thing is that TEA always develops and manufactures its own raw materials and final products with our motto in mind: Criteria, Creativity and Quality.