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Tecnoaditivos bet for
an antibiotic-free

Today's society is searching for sustainable development and for this it demands a world free of antibiotics, both in human and animal health.

From TEA we join this trend with the development of products that work as alternatives to antibiotics in livestock and we seek to respond to the problems encountered in breeding by its customers.

Our objectives

  • Assessing the needs of animals, responding to industry problems, testing product quality and continually developing our knowledge of raw materials and additives used in animal feed.
  • Development of natural solutions, such as natural extracts and distillations of essential plant oils with medicinal properties for different animals.

Our strength:

  • Nutritional engineers in direct contact with our innovation tools, food formulation and field problems that allow a great response capacity and guarantee the concrete use of our innovative solutions in breeding.
  • This multidisciplinary team is made up of nutritionists, engineers, veterinarians, and experts in technology and chemistry as well as high-quality raw materials. They have a strong focus on the nutrition and health of young animals. These experts also work with and are advised by internationally recognized knowledge providers and partners.
  • Product development combines scientific knowledge gained through research with knowledge of the product management market to develop practical concepts and solutions for the global feed industry. The team tests and corroborates the various technical files in local and international laboratories and test facilities.

TEA develops and manufactures its final products with what we call the three Cs: Technical Criterion and Creativity and Quality.