Fungi are the microorganisms that cause most problems during the storage of feed and raw materials, causing an important loss of organic matter and nutrients as well as a rejection of food due to the volatile substances produced. They are also responsible for the warming of raw materials and poisonings caused by mycotoxins.

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FUNGITEC is a combination of propionic acid with its calcium, sodium and ammonium salts.

Why propionic acid and its salts?

Propionic acid in its free form or in salts is the major fungal inhibitor, its mechanism of action is to enter the cell and intervening in the enzymatic blockade essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, which disables the growth and duplication of the fungus.

For its greater power of inhibition to fungi.

Fungitec and its combination of propionic acid with its salts acts as a powerful inhibitor against the different fungal species.

As best prevention for aflatoxin formation

Fungitec works by destroying the fungi that later give rise to the main mycotoxins, (aflatoxin...)


  • Improves palatability and digestibility of finished food
  • Improves the bioavailability of minerals
  • Improvement in zootechnical indexes
Target speciesAll species
PresentationPowder and liquid
PropertiesPrevents the formation of mycotoxins by attacking the fungi that generate them