Natural growth promoter combining butyric acid, organic acids and inorganic acids as salts and free acids.

  • Higher productivity in zootechnical indexes
  • Sodium butyrate brings extra energy to the animal
  • Greater absorption capacity of nutrients by the intestinal mucosa
  • Better intestinal digestibility
  • Bactericidal action in the animal organism

More details

Pollo de engorde Gallina ponedora


If we reduce the population of salmonella in the craw of laying birds, we will get a final product of better quality and will reduce the risk of contamination in the egg.

The glandular stomach of young birds is immature and inefficient in the production of hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for the formation of pepsin responsible for digesting the protein in the diet. By acidifying the gastric content, a better digestion of the proteins is guaranteed.

Increasing the acidity of gastric contents, when this goes to the duodenum causes a reaction in the pancreas, and increases the secretions of amylases, lipases and proteases seeking to neutralize the pH.

Why using it?

  • Tecaviar works by acidifying the digestive tract, preventing the proliferation of salmonella, causing a sanitary effect in the animal, also it keeps the low pH in the proventriculus in birds, promoting an efficient digestion of proteins.
  • Tecaviar stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, amylase, lipases and protease and hormones improving the digestion of food.
  • Tecaviar combines in its formula the sodium butyrate salt that act as a powerful inhibitor of pathogenic microorganisms, decreasing the intracellular pH of these causing a decrease in energy loss to recover the osmotic balance.
Target speciesPoultry animals
PresentationPowder and liquid
PropertiesImprovement of the productive parameters in poultry animals