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Tecnoaditivos españoles avanzados  (TEA) is a Spanish company that focuses its activity on the design, manufacture and marketing of food supplements for animal nutrition.

Our products are constantly evolving, they do not stagnate and seek to fill the gaps left by conventional additives with products made with care and dedication. TEA was born fresh, agile, versatile, and seeks to advance its research hand in hand with knowledge of its clients. We like communication and we have the capacity and creativity to design the product as you need it.

Our approach to the market is based on the 3 nutritional solutions:

- Additives and supplements for animal feed.

- Premixes and vitamin and mineral nuclei

- Feed ingredients 


Our mission is to satisfy the needs of the animal nutrition sector worldwide and to provide customers with high quality products and services that allow them to be more competitive thanks to the constant contribution of technological innovation.

To do this, TEA bases its activities on the following values:

Products and services of proven quality.

Trusted relationships with customers.

Constant innovation.

Respect for the environment and public health


To be a global corporation, committed to innovation and aimed at generating value for our clients, through reliable solutions.


At TEA you will find a team highly committed to product quality and customer orientation.


Central offices and Productive Center

Tecnoaditivos Españoles avanzados

Poligono industrial de CintruénigoCalle I,

parcela 13 31592 Cintruénigo Navarra (SPAIN)

info@tecnoaditivos.com Tel: 0034 948 41 57 57