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  • Ovotec New

    Ovotec is an egg quality improver, which improves quality by acting at the intestinal level.Increases the hardness of the shell ncreases the size and weight of the egg Improves the density of albumin Prevents the decalcification of laying and breeding birds

  • Salmotec New

    Pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli represent a global problem, especially in the poultry industry. Contaminated food can infect birds, leading to contamination of eggs, chicks and other animals. This contamination is easily transferred to people causing intestinal infections, diarrhoea...

  • Tecaviar New

    Natural growth promoter combining butyric acid, organic acids and inorganic acids as salts and free acids.Higher productivity in zootechnical indexes Sodium butyrate brings extra energy to the animal Greater absorption capacity of nutrients by the intestinal mucosa Better intestinal digestibility Bactericidal action in the animal organism

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