Pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli represent a global problem, especially in the poultry industry. Contaminated food can infect birds, leading to contamination of eggs, chicks and other animals. This contamination is easily transferred to people causing intestinal infections, diarrhoea...

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How does SALMOTEC work?

SALMOTEC is a combination of formic acid with its calcium, sodium and ammonium salts that act as control and prevention of the problems caused by Salmonella and E.Coli, (diarrhoea, low productive pressures...)


  • Improves palatability and digestibility of finished food
  • Improves the animal's sanitary status
  • Reduce the number of contaminated channels arriving at the slaughterhouse
  • Improvement in zootechnical indexes
  • Reduces the presence of eggs contaminated by Salmonella

Why formic acid and its salts?

Formic acid in combination with its salts exert control over Gram- enterobacteria (Salmonella and E.Coli) without damaging the lactic flora of the animal.

At the same time, the synergist combination of formic acid and its salts make an acidification improving the metabolic action.


  • Because it avoids the colonizing presence of salmonella. Salmotec and its combination of formic acid with its salts acts as a powerful controller of Salmonella.
  • Because it prevents the bacteria from being installed in the digestive system. Salmotec prevents the bacteria from being installed in the animal's organism, giving it a greater sanitary well-being.
Target speciesAll species
PresentationPowder and liquid
PropertiesSolution against salmonella and bacteria