It is a cutting-edge antioxidant that has DOUBLE ACTION: Its combination of technological antioxidants prevent raw materials, fats and oils from suffering lipo-peroxidation. Its combination of physiological antioxidants, vitamin E and sorbic acid, reduce oxidative stress, protecting the lipids of the membranes, the proteins helping the immune system of the animal.

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  • Synergist effect:

                Oxitec is a combination of technological antioxidants B.H.T + B.H.A + PROPILGALATO, each element of these makes improve the performance of their companions, achieving excellent results.

  • Chelating effect:

                Oxitec incorporates a combination of acids, lactic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, in order to achieve a chelating effect that prevents the reactivity of ions, Cu and Fe and stop the oxidative reactions that these ions cause.

Target speciesAll species
PresentationPowder and liquid
PropertiesAntioxidant with double action