The ideal solution for optimal performance without risk of mycotoxins 

MICAVIAR is an enhancer of the production indices of poultry which brings together several actions 

-Mycotoxins binder  with a special broad spectrum 
- Avian growth promoter based on butyric acid esters such as mono y le triglyceride that work in the animal's body by increasing its productivity

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Pollo de engorde Gallina ponedora

- Improved absorption of nutrients by the intestinal mucosa productivity
- High adsorption capacity of mycotoxins and act quickly before the mycotoxin is absorbed into the blood
- Increases the mean daily gain average  (DGA) in broilers and turkeys
- Increases hatching rate, egg production in laying hens and decreases mortality
- Bactericidal action against pathogen agents  and  an improved intestinal health