Nuevo Powertec EQ +


Powertec EQ is a nutritional supplement for growing horses or adults subjected to regular or intense exercise. It provides the building blocks to help support muscle development, stamina and muscle recovery time

-  Improves weight gain.

- Increase performance.

- Increases the energy of the cells and restructures the muscle fiber.

- Helps build muscle mass faster

- Strengthen muscles

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Supplementing the diet with Powertec EQ is essential for this activity because it provides essential active elements such as amino acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and L-Carnitine. which supply the right nutrients specific to the health and development of the muscle structure.

With a careful balance between training and proper nutrition, you will ensure that your horse has an athletic body and a healthier appearance.

Suitable for competition horses, young and old horses and horses that have lost muscle strength due to injury or rest periods.

Feeding tips

Horses (bw 600 kg): 100 g / day

Ponies (bw 300 kg): 50 g / day