Zootechnical Additives

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  • RUMICARE Nuevo

    RUMICARE: Aditivo que se usa directamente contra la acidosis para rumiantes.


    THERMOTEC: producto para resolver el estrés térmico en pollos en períodos calurosos


    DIARRETEC: Aditivo tecnológico para todas las especies animales para detener la diarrea, especialmente en animales de primeras edades.

  • CALMOTEC Nuevo

    CALMOTEC: Anti stress limita el picaje del pollo de engorde como por las ponedoras

  • LEVUTEC Nuevo

    Probiotics designed to improve the health and productive performance of animals Live yeasts concentrates authorized by the EU (E-1710) which amplify digestive activity and fermentation  in  calves, dairy cows, horses and small ruminants 

  • MICAVIAR Nuevo

    The ideal solution for optimal performance without risk of mycotoxins  MICAVIAR is an enhancer of the production indices of poultry which brings together several actions  -Mycotoxins binder  with a special broad spectrum  - Avian growth promoter based on butyric acid esters such as mono y le triglyceride that work in the animal's body by increasing its...

  • RUMITOX Nuevo

    RUMITOX is an enhancer of the ruminant production indices which combines several actions: -Special mycotoxin binder for ruminants reinforced with organic acid salts and with antifungal and antibacterial effect - Rumen promoter based on malic acid as well as its sodium salts which work in the animal's body by increasing its productivity

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