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    Powertec EQ is a nutritional supplement for growing horses or adults subjected to regular or intense exercise. It provides the building blocks to help support muscle development, stamina and muscle recovery time -  Improves weight gain. - Increase performance. - Increases the energy of the cells and restructures the muscle fiber. - Helps build muscle...

  • RECUTEC EQ Nuevo

    RECUTEC EQ is a nutritional supplement for horses that supports muscular exertion and promotes the horse’s recovery during pre-training, training in preparation of exertion and during all periods of repeated effort (competition season, sequences of races, etc.) -Supports muscle performance -Improves heart function -Promotes the elimination of toxins...

  • CRINTEC EQ Nuevo

    FOR PERFECT HAIR AND STRONG HOOVES CRINTEC EQ that reinforces horn structure, promotes rapid reconstruction of the hoof, and improves mane and coat condition -Improves the quality of the hooves and the shine of the skin - Improves hoof quality and coat shine -For a stable metabolism of the hoof and skin. - Contain the specific nutrients needed for...


    For a calmer, more relaxed, focused horse.CALMOTEC EQ is a nutritional supplement composed of components with anti-stress action that maintains the horse's attention. Contains elements that counteract hypersensitivity. 

  • LEVUTEC Nuevo

    Probiotics designed to improve the health and productive performance of animals Live yeasts concentrates authorized by the EU (E-1710) which amplify digestive activity and fermentation  in  calves, dairy cows, horses and small ruminants 


    IMMUNOPILLS FOR A BRAVE HORSE  BRAVETEC EQ is a nutritional supplement for  horses, it is the support for horses that can use a resistance boost. It provides a powerful boost for a strong immune system.  - Faster recovery after intense work and diseases - Prevention of heart and respiratory diseases - Reduction of oxidative stress - Inmunoestimulant...

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