Wide range of services

We offer to our clients a wide range of services to help them with all their needs.


Personalized diets, adapted to different animal species and to the needs of our clients. The formulation service offers

- A personalized assessment and the elaboration of customized formulas:

  • According to availability of raw materials.
  • According to animal species.
  • According to age.
  • According to time of year.
  • According to production level.
  • According to commercial aspects.

- Optimization of feed and rations and evaluation of the interest price of the different raw materials available

- Manages the Documentation and Library service and the licenses of feed and ration formulation programs for clients.


- Advice on animal nutrition.

- Implementation of quality, feed safety and environmental management systems.

- Visits are made to clients to better understand their particular characteristics and to suppliers to better evaluate their products and processes.

- The service of analysis of raw materials and the finished product is provided, as well as the monitoring of the behavior of the animals.

Technical support in everything related to formulation and after-sales service.


- Clients attention and personalized visits.

- Commercial support in the management of your projects

- Agility in responding in updating the information.



At TEA we have our own laboratory located at our facilities in Cintruenigo.

The team of personnel that make up the laboratory is qualified and specialized to carry out the different types of analysis,

as well as to develop new methods of analysis.

Formulation ‘Just in Time’

In order to make nutrition more efficient and accurate, we have our NIR, a device that allows the analysis of feed and raw materials very quickly, using near infrared technology. We work in collaboration with BRUKER and its precious NIRS to offer our clients the opportunity to make their formulas more precise, having analyzes at the moment, allowing to immediately correct the formulas used and optimize their elaboration.

Precision and uniformity of mixtures

One of the biggest concerns among manufacturers and users of products that have to be mixed, is the control and safety in the addition of the ingredients that make them up.

At TEA we offer the service of calculating the coefficient of variation of your mixer and determining the optimal mixing times depending on the products to be manufactured to solve mixing and uniformity problems in the animal feed industry.

Quality advice

The Formulation department monitors and evaluates the results of raw materials and feed for each client, advises in case of actions related to legal issues and evaluates the controls regarding the client's manufacturing processes


At TEA we work under the principles of the Hazard Analysis system and implementation of the system in its clients' factories.

In addition to offering the orientation and commissioning service of the HACCP system, TEA can be directly in charge of the control of microbiological hazards, carrying out the control of critical points, checking the activities of surveillance, calibration, equipment inspection and in general the application of control measures and corrective actions.